USABLE MUSIC is LifeSounds' line of music for corporate trainers and others who need use rights approval to play music in their trainings. See for information about what rights are required.

We call this music USABLE because we have found that these recordings work well and are highly usable in classroom teaching and training.

We also call it USABLE because all necessary rights to use this music in face-to-face training have been acquired and are included in the price of the CD when you purchase the music. These rights supersede the ASCAP, BMI or SESAC licensing requirements. However, these rights do not include re-recording for any reason or purpose. This means you cannot use this music on your website or training video or make a copy for a friend or coworker.

The USABLE MUSIC catalog includes numerous CD's in diverse styles for a variety of classroom uses. Some of these recordings have been designed for classroom use such as recordings from The LIND Institute, The Brain Store and the Trainer's Warehouse. Other recordings are included in the catalog because Chris Brewer has determined they work well for the suggested uses and has obtained the necessary use rights for you.

The USABLE MUSIC recordings are created by artists who have written, performed and published their own music and own sole rights to their music. LifeSounds, through The Music Resource Group, has explained to these artists how teachers and trainers want to use their music to enhance learning. The artists are excited about having their music played in the classroom and have agree to having their music used in face-to-face training. There is no additional fee other than the cost of the recording. However, the artists ask that you respect their livelihood by not duplicating their music in any way.

When you purchase USABLE MUSIC CD's you may also request a Use Rights Notification which states the ways in which you may use your music in your classroom. It is not necessary to have this agreement to use the music in face-to-face-training but is available if necessary. Email us at to request a copy of the Use Rights Notification.

We hope you enjoy our USABLE MUSIC and find it truly usable!



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Lorenzo's Oil

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An especially useful CD for GIM. Out of print--these are used but in good condition.