Sound Directions

Sound Directions --- ideas for using music successfully in your classroom -- are a part of the service that LifeSounds provides for you. It is our goal to have you find ways to integrate music in your teaching that work with your teaching style and content. Giving you hints, ideas, and suggested resources to help your classroom music use be a success is important to us.

You will find Sound Directions on all the product detail information in our catalog. Use them as a guideline for selecting the music that will work best for you. And don't hesitate to call us with a question or comment.

You can also find more information on ways to use music in the classroom by going to . We also carry "" which is full of tried-and-true methods for enhancing memory and learning in the classroom. Click here to see reviews of our music and learning guidebook.

And if you have ideas for particular music that works in the classroom or if you have a dynamite activity idea for using music---send it to us and we'll pass it on to others.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Chris Brewer


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