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LifeSounds has provided summaries of prominent research studies on the effects of music on learning. See our Links section below for links to sites with even more research! We also recommend Eric Jensen's Music with the Brain in Mind for those of you interested in a solid compilation of current research. This is available through our book catalog.

You will find Vibroacoustic Music Research through our link below, both full research reports and summaries. Recommended resources for exploring compilations of vibroacoustic research and full references for published studies may be found in the Vibroacoustic Music References section.

Special Thanks to Dr. Susan Hallam and Dr. Weinberger and the Somatron Corporation for reprint rights of study abstracts.

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One study using background music with neurofeedback training for students diagnosed with ADD found significant increase in students' ability to self-regulate behavior and improve focus, social skills, and moods control while decreasing impulsivity.

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