Soundtracks for Learning: Using Music in the Classroom

Chris Boyd Brewer

286 pages



Soundtracks for Learning provides over 150 tried-and-true ways for using music to produce dynamic learning experiences. This complete how-to guide will help you discover how to increase memory of facts, energize attention, make classroom management easier and motivate learning in your classroom. Author Chris Brewer explains why music works in our classrooms and offers suggestions for which music to use.



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"Soundtracks for Learning" is a groundbreaking book on using music to enhance learning. Music expert Chris Brewer provides over 150 tried-and-true ways for using music to produce dynamic learning experiences and explains why music works in our classrooms. This comprehensive how-to guide will help you discover how to increase memory of facts, energize attention, make classroom management easier, and motivate learning in your classroom.

Learn the What, How, and Why of using music as a teaching and learning tool! This is the resource for teachers and trainers wanting to use music to enhance classroom learning. Discover methods for producing effective and dynamic learning experiences. Find out how music affects us, why it works and which music to use.

Here are techniques and ideas for using music to:
* create a relaxed and effective learning atmosphere
* establish a positive learning state
* improve memory and concentration
* make classroom management easier
* accentuate theme-based lessons
* develop rapport and align groups
* motivate learning


"Soundtracks for Learning provides techniques and strategies for incorporating music throughout the school day that can enhance learning, create learning communities, and bring joy to the classroom. Her suggestions for how and when to infuse music in the curriculum offer teachers what they need to know to embark on a new adventure in teaching."

--Barbara K Given, PhD
Co-Director, Adolescent and Adult Learning Research Center at George Mason University
Author of "Learning Styles: A Guide for Teachers and Parents"

"Chris has given us elegant ways to come back to the wonder and awe of living. She shows us how to integrate brain and whole body function for stress-free learning and increased student cooperation and joy. "Soundtracks for Learning" is a MUST-HAVE for every educator, administrator, and parent."

--Carla Hannaford, PhD biologist and educator
Author of "Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All in Yur Head"

"This how-to guide offers multiple ways to use music as a force to improve thinking, learning and understanding. Research notes on music and the brain provide a rationale for adding a sound dimension to every teacher's toolkit and give music teachers insight into how their chosen discipline can support academics in the general classroom."

Review from MENC magazine Teaching Music Oct 2009
The National Music Educators Magazine


Music as a Classroom Modifier: How, When, Where

Set Optimal Attention, Attitude, and Atmosphere
The Science of Understanding and the Learning Evolution
The Musical Learning Cycle

Sound Selections for Success

The Art and Science of Intentional Music Use
Setting the Pace of Learning with Music
Using Music and Mood to Make Memories
Making Memory Association through Music
Sound Styles for Learning
Introducing Classroom Music to Students

Prepare for Learning: Attention, Attitude amd Atmosphere

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere--Any Time of Day!
Sound Attitude Adjustments
Get and Hold Attention with Musical Energizers
Soundtracks for Classroom Management

Get the Facts: Memorable Presentations and Reviews

Teaching for Memorable Learning
The Inside Story on Learning States
Active Music Memory Presentations
Reflective Music Reviews
Music Memory Formats
Soundtracks for Memorable Learning

Practice and Perform: Activate Learning with Music

Activating Our Student's Learning
Orchestrating Practice and Performance Activations
Kinesthetic Activations and Music
Creativity and Music
Reading, Writing, and Music
Thinking and Reflecting with Music
Music Performance: A Sound Route to Academic Success?

Sound Advice for Getting Started

Sound Suggestions
Sound Styles
Resources, Bibliography and Index


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