Here are top picks for finding out more about how to
use music effectively in learning.

Featured is the NEW book, "Soundtracks for Learning: Using Music in the Classroom" a 298-page book with over 150 tried-and-true ideas for using music in the classroom.

We've also included other important books in our Teaching and Learning book section on effective arts-oriented learning methods, Accelerated Learning and Educational Kinesiology.


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Freedom to Fly: 101 Activities for Building Self-Worth

Retail: $29.00

Sale: $15.00

Help your students build Emotional Intelligence. Here are 101 whole-brain activities to use with all levels of students abilities and learning styles. Help your students learn to respect themselves and to value the diversity in others. Plus, students learn goal-setting, problem-solving, how to manage their energy levels, communication and listening skills and more!