Music for babies, toddlers, Moms-to-be and the
unborn---here are specially-developed recordings
that give your child a boost in development.
Music helps the young child learn rhythmic patterning
and stimulates movement, listening, and
increased sound awareness.

You can also use this music to help your baby
sleep, relax, and play by creating an optimal
sonic environment.

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for Young Children recording use categories,
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The Tao of Music: Sound Psychology, Using Music to Change Your Life

Retail: $24.95

Sale: $16.00

Like millions of other people, when you’re feeling “blue” you might listen to music to reflect your feelings, or to cheer you up. Dr. Ortiz has focused on this basic impulse and created an effective, systematic way to deal with life issues, whether they’re long-term problems or momentary difficulties. He offers “Musical Menus” of carefully selected songs and melodies, reflective of specific emotional states, that you can use to progress from identifying your pain to healing it.