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* Focus and Reflection

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All-in-One Sets and Recordings Designed-for-Learning

Here are recordings designed just for learning! They
include music for various uses and some have
different music styles, too.



Focus and Reflection Music

Play this soothing alpha-state music to calm the mind and body and help participants get into a state of 'relaxed alertness' that enhances focus and memory.

Use this music

* in the background while participants study or write

* while working on projects or reflective activities

* as background for a Power Point visual review of important concepts

* during relaxation exercises

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Welcoming Music

Use this music to greet your participants
and create a welcoming atmosphere. These
are highly effective recordings to

* create an inviting welcome
* play for break time enjoyment
* use for a positive class closure

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Music for Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving

Play background music to stimulate creative thinking
and enhance problem-solving. Selections encourage
personal reflection, help participants organize
thoughts, and increase problem-solving skills.
Some selections have different moods to allow the mind to move in varying creative ways. Others set a consistent exploratory environment. Descriptions provide suggestions
for use.

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this music.



Music for Activities and Energizing

Here's music that heightens energy and increases
attention levels. Some are excellent for use with
games and activities.

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this music



All-in-One Sets and Recordings Designed-for-Training

Here are All-In-One CD's and special CD SETS
---------CREATED JUST FOR TRAINERS----------
with everything you need to meet your training
music needs:

* welcome your participants
* focus attention
* use as background music
* expand creative thinking
* facilitate activities and games
* motivate and have fun

CD SETS provide music for multiple uses.
See our LifeSounds' SELECT SET recommendation
for a complete package of music for use in training.



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